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Church Point
Eunice Area
Grand Coteau
Krotz Springs Area
Opelousas Area
Rayne Area
Ville Platte
Ville Platte Area

Food & Fun

Grand Coteau
  • The Kitchen Shop & Tea Room – 296 M.L. King Dr. Tea Room offers gourmet coffee, full-leaf teas & specialty pasteries, as well as delicious lunches.
  • Creola Café – 284 M.L. King Dr. Unique café serving soups, salads, sandwiches and special desserts.
  • P&D Cake Cottaage – 106 St. Joseph St. Delicious homemade cakes professionally made.
  • Grand Coteau Gardens – 358 Martin Luther King Drive. Fresh herbs.

  • Janise's Supermarket – 147 Oaktree Park Dr. Known for its homemade French bread and specialty meats. Lunch served daily.
  • Barry's Kitchen – Napoleon Avenue Noted for homemade crawfish pistolettes.
  • LaCaboose Jelly – 145 South Budd St. Homemade jams and jellies, including Mrs. Margaret's famous Crawfish Jelly.
  • Napoleon Avenue Meat Market – 818 Napoleon Ave. Featuring specialty meats and daily lunches.

  • Billy's and Ray's Grocery – 887 Vine Street Featuring smoked sausage, cracklins, and boudin, including crawfish boudin.
  • Ray's Grocery Plus– 6028 Louisiana Highway 182 Specializing in cracklins and boudin.
  • Tony Chachere's “Cajun and Creole Products” – 533 North Lombard Street Founded by Tony Chachere and world renown for its Creole Seasoning. Chachere was also the author of the popular Cajun Country Cookbook.
  • Lou Ana Foods – 731 North Railroad Avenue Producer of vegetable oils and other products that are sold world-wide. Founded in 1894, this company now is owned by Ventura Foods.
  • Targil – 290 Wartelle Street Producer of sausage and boudin seasoning, injection sauces, and other spices.
  • Jim's Seafood – 1011 North Main Street
  • Kelly's Diner – 1531 South Union Street Featuring Cajun and Creole cooking and plate lunches.
  • The Palace Café – 135 West Landry Street Venerable restaurant established in 1927 and featuring Cajun and seafood specialties, including some renowned dishes such as “Pete's fried chicken salad” and “stuffed eggplant with crabmeat dressing topped with crawfish étoufée”.
  • Kajeune's – 2979 South Union Street Featuring plate lunches and full menu.
  • Soileau's Dinner Club – 1620 North Main Street Featuring an array of Cajun dishes and famous for its crawfish specialties and “Catfish Opelousas.”
  • Back In Time – 123 W. Landry St. Award winning salads, snadwiches and desserts
  • Benny's Supermarket – 806 S. Union St. Daily lunches served.

    Opelousas Area
  • Guidry's Produce – Arnaudville Producer of pre-cut vegetable seasoning blends.
  • Champagne's Marché – 3802 Louisiana Highway 31, Leonville Featuring a variety of Cajun stuffed meats, sausage, boudin, and Cajun seasoning.
  • Bourque's Supermarket – 581 Saizan Street, Port Barre Specializing in Cajun meats, boudin, cracklins, and home of the original Jalapeno Sausage Cheese Bread.
  • Lawtell Community Grocery – Louisiana Highway 190, Lawtell Featuring homemade boudin and tasso.
  • Russell's Grocery Store – Front Street, Arnaudville Noted for stuffed meats.
  • Savoie's Grocery and Pork Products – Old Port Barre Road Traditional south Louisiana country store established in the 1930's. Noted for its smoked sausage and other pork products. Also serves as offices for Savoie's Sausage Kitchen. See
  • King's Jambalaya Café – U.S. Highway 190 East, Port Barre Featuring Opelousas Baked Duck.
  • Kenny's Cajun Kitchen – 408 Market Street, Arnaudville Specializing in Cajun food, including marinated seafood, seafood platters, po-boy's, and barbecue on Sundays.
  • Myran's Maison de Manger – 1023 Neblett Street, Arnaudville Featuring plate lunches and seafood dishes.
  • NuNu's Café in Town Market – 1013 Neblet St, Arnaudville. Lunch Tues. – Sat. Brunch –Sun. The Cafe serves local cuisine, including the revered Nuninis (Panini sandwiches)
  • New Mini Mart & Deli 398 Main St., Arnaudville – good local cooking

  • Ardoin's Grocery and Market – 321 North St. John Street
  • Steamboat Warehouse Restaurant – 513 North Main Street Located in an historic warehouse building from the steamboat and cotton era and overlooking Bayou Courtableau, this quasi-upscale restaurant features a variety of Traditional Cajun dishes, seafood, and steaks. One classic here is a rib eye steak topped with crawfish étouffée.
  • Citgo – 311 North Main Street Small lunch counter and Cajun plate lunches like chicken fricassee.
  • Main Street Grocery – Main Street
  • Tony's Little Meat Market – Main Street
  • Ole School House Café – 210 Church Street Located within the Washington Old School House Antique Mall, this 50's style café features home-cooked meals and desserts.

    Krotz Springs Area
  • Atchafalaya Basin Seafood – Krotz Springs
  • Dugas' Grocery and Café – Fontenot Street, Melville Featuring sausage and boudin.
  • Louisiana Premium Seafood – Louisiana Highway 10, Palmetto
  • Stelly's Supermarket – U.S. Highway 71, Lebeau
  • Miss Johnnie's Seafood and Steakhouse – U.S. Highway 190, Krotz Springs. Home style cooking and shrimp étouffée.
  • Billy's Dinner – Krotz Springs
  • Morrow's Dinner – Krotz Springs
  • Kartchner's Grocery – Krotz Springs
  • T-Belle's Grocery – Krotz Springs
  • Cajun Corner Café – US Hwy 190 in Canal Station, Krotz Springs
  • Cannatella's Grocery/Hardware Hwy 105 – Melville
  • Cortez Grocery - Melville
  • Deb's Place – 306 Church Street, Melville

  • Creole Restaurant – 204 West Branch Street Regionally renowned Cajun barbecue and rice dressing, boudin, and cracklins.
  • Frog City Café – 1131 Church Point Highway Owned and operated by noted Chef Roy Lyon, this restaurant offers a variety of Cajun dishes, many with a French flair.
  • Frog City Travel Plaza – 1418 North Polk Street
  • Gabe's Cajun Food Restaurant – 1410 The Boulevard

    Rayne Area
  • Frugé Cajun Crawfish – Post Office Box 393, Branch, Louisiana 70516 Mail order crawfish and other Cajun products. See
  • Hawk's Restaurant – 415 Hawk's Road, Branch Noted throughout Acadiana as one of the best locations for boiled crawfish.

    Church Point

  • Acadiana Fine Foods, LLC – 329 South Main Street Cajun-style favorite entrees and meats.
  • Richard's Cajun Foods – Post Office Drawer 414, Church Point
  • Vautrot's Mini Mart – 227 Percy Road

  • Cajun Lube Express and Café – 9515 Church Point Highway Cajun plate lunches and short-order grill.
  • Downtown Café – 205 South David Street Specializing in Cajun cuisine and home-style cooking.
  • French Quarter Café – Louisiana Highway 95 Featuring Cajun cuisine.
  • Sunny's Fried Chicken – 111 East Ebey Street Featuring down-home Southern fried chicken.
  • Vautrot's Mini Mart – 227 Percy Road Featuring Cajun cuisine.

  • Rice City Liquor Store – 630 North Parkerson Avenue Established in the 1940's, this venerable establishment sells homemade specialties such as Cajun meat pies, hot tomales, and chicken salad sandwiches.
  • Frugé Aquafarms – 525 East 8th Street Specializing in mail order sales of fresh shrimp and live crawfish.
  • L'Acadie Restaurant – 322 South Eastern Avenue A culinary celebration of the community's Acadian heritage.
  • Downtown Café – 414 North Parkerson Avenue Featuring a variety of Cajun specialties, plate lunches, and down-home cooking.
  • Boudin King Cajun Way Family Restaurant – 1805 North Parkerson Avenue Specializing in Cajun dishes such as gumbo, boudin, seafood, and poboys.
  • Rice Palace Cajun Restaurant– 2015 North Cherokee Drive Featuring a variety of Cajun dishes.
  • Eldorado Mexican Restaurant – 2307 N Parkerson
  • Fezzo's Seafood and Steakhouse – 2111 North Cherokee Street Specializing in steaks and Cajun seafood dishes, including crawfish, shrimp, oysters, and crab. Also notable are traditional country breakfasts, plate lunches, and poboys.
  • Frosto – 228 North Avenue G Fifties-style drive-in diner featuring Cajun poboys, soft-serve ice cream, and other favorites.
  • Golden d'Lite – 528 South Eastern Avenue Featuring Cajun poboys and traditional plate lunches.
  • P.J.'s Grill – 2106 North Parkerson Avenue Serving poboys, other Cajun specialties, and boiled crawfish when in season.


  • Highway 13 Food Mart – 1894 Veteran Memorial Highway Specializing in Cajun smoked meats, boudin, cracklins, and homemade sausage.
  • LeJeune's Sausage Kitchen – 108 Tasso Circle (off Old Crowley Road) World renown for Cajun smoked sausage and tasso.
  • Popillion Boudin Kitchen – 789 Guillory Road Noted for Cajun boudin.
  • Superette Slaughter House – West Maple Avenue Featuring specialty meats and boudin.
  • Allison's Hickory Pit – 501 West Laurel Avenue Among the best in Southwest Louisiana barbecue.
  • DeBarge's – 101 Veterans Drive Featuring boiled crawfish, pistolettes, and plate lunches.
  • D. C.'s Sports Bar and Steakhouse – 1601 West Laurel Avenue Features Cajun dishes.
  • Jimbo's – 731 West Laurel Avenue Specializing in po-boys.
  • Nick's on Second – 123 South Second Street Historic restaurant and bar dating from the 1930's.
  • Ruby's Café – 221 West Walnut Street A Eunice tradition featuring “home cooked” meals for nearly fifty years. Established in 1952.
  • Eunice Poultry House – East Laurel. Boudin, cracklins, stuffed chickens and more
  • Crazy Cajun Café – West Laurel. Daily plate lunches and full menu.

    Eunice Area
  • Mowata Grocery Store – Mowata Traditional south Louisiana country grocery store. It is noted for its boudin.
  • Tee Bay's Sausage Kitchen – Basile
  • Prairie Cajun Meat Market – Basile
  • Vidrine's Meat Market – Basile
  • D. I.'s Restaurant – Louisiana Highway 97 (South) - Traditional Cajun dishes and specializing in crawfish from their own ponds. Specialties include boiled crawfish and barbecue crabs.

  • Jay Fontenot's Crawfish – 1769 L'Anse Meg Road Wholesale vendor of live crawfish and crawfish tails.
  • Mamou Seafood – 516 South Street Vendor for live crawfish and crabs, oysters, shrimp, and turtle meat.
  • Mamou Superette – 1012 Sixth Street
  • Mel's Grocery – Louisiana Highway 13 Specializing in fresh and smoked meats, including Cajun stuffed meats, homemade sausage, boudin, cracklins, and tasso.
  • Saucier's Sausage Kitchen – Meg Road

  • Carl's Seafood and Steak – 427 Sixth Street Featuring Cajun seafood dishes.
  • Celestine's Barbecue – Sixth Street Featuring Creole barbecue.
  • Mamou Seafood – 516 South Street Featuring Cajun-style plate lunches, po-boys, and boiled crawfish and crabs.
  • Town-n-Country Deli – 328 East Street

    Ville Platte
  • Jack Miller's – 646 Jack Miller Road. World renown for its barbecue sauce, “The Bar-B-Que Sauce with a Cajun Accent”, since 1955. Other products include Cajun Bar-B-Que Seasoning and Cajun Cocktail Sauce. See .
  • Pig Stand Bar-B-Q Sauce – 517 East Beauregard Street. Renowned Cajun barbecue sauce.
  • Slap Ya Mama's Cajun Seasoning – 1103 W. Main St., World famous Cajun seasonings, see – located in a 1914 Sears Robuck house.
  • Pigstand Restaurant – 318 E. Main Street – featured in “Southern Living Magazine” for the best barbecue.
  • B&S Meat Market – 1914 East Main Street. Specializing in fresh and smoked meats such as sausage, tasso, pounce, and turkey wings. Also featuring boudin, cracklings and marinated meats.
  • B&S Kajun Kitchen – 1914 East Main Street. As a part of B&S Grocery and Meat Market, this little diner serves plate lunches, fried chicken, and Ville Platte-style barbecue plate lunches on Sundays.
  • Deshotel Meat Market – 1020 Martin Luther King Dr. Noted for its “hot and spicy” Creole boudin.
  • Luke's Seafood – 805 Derouen Street
  • Frank Fontenot Meat Market – 401 Southeast Railroad Avenue. Featuring fresh and smoked meat, and specializing in sausage and boudin. Will ship anywhere.
  • John's Food Mart – 1075 Chicot Park Road. Specializing in fresh and smoked meats.
  • L&V Superette –705 West Cypress Street. Featuring smoked meats, sausage, boudin, cracklings, and tasso.
  • Ortego's Food Lane – 209 Northeast Railroad Avenue. Featuring fresh and smoked meats, boudin, and tasso.
  • Paul's Meat Market and Grocery – 1319 Chataignier Road (Louisiana Highway 29). Specializing in smoked meats such as tasso, pounce, sausage, and marinated meats. Also featuring boudin and the best cracklings in the area.
  • T-Boy's Slaughter House, Meat Market, and Grocery – 2228 Pine Point Road.
  • Teet's Meat Market – 2144 West Main Street. Specializing in boudin and some of the best smoked meats in the area, including tasso and sausage.
  • Weelo's Grocery and Meat Market – Chataignier Road (Louisiana Highway 29). Featuring beef jerky, smoked meats, sausage, boudin and cracklings.
  • Café de LaSalle- 714 East LaSalle Street. Specializing in daily lunches.
  • Cajun Catfish and Steakhouse – 1452 U.S. Highway 167 North Specializing in seafood, steaks, and boiled crawfish and crabs.
  • Cajun Smokehouse – 205 West Main St., specializing in seafood and steak.
  • The Drunk Chicken – West Main St. Excellent fried chicken & seafood, burgers and snacks.
  • Frosty's Inn – 910Tate Cove Road – Home of the best hamburgers.
  • Gator's Boiled Crawfish – 1408 West LaSalle Street. Use the drive-thru.
  • Jungle Dinner Club – 1636 West Main Street. A local tradition serving Cajun and other specialties, including boiled crawfish. The Jungle Club was formerly a highly popular bandstand.
  • The Pub & Grill – 112 Laran St. Local bar and grill
  • Nena & Ki-Ki – 722 Martin Luther King, Jr. Street. Creole plate lunches.

    Ville Platte Area
  • Acadia Crawfish Company – 5676 Vine Street, Chataignier - Vendor of live and boiled crawfish.
  • Bayou Chicot Grocery – Bayou Chicot - Featuring smoked meats.
  • Chapel's Corner Grocery and Deli – U.S. Highway 167, Turkey Creek
  • Dup's Superette – 5179 Vine Street, Chataignier - Specializing homemade sausage, bacon, boudin, and tasso.
  • Guillory's Grocery and Meat Market – 1018 Louisiana Highway 13, Pine Prairie - Featuring stuffed meats, smoked and fresh sausage, smoked turkey wings, and tasso.
  • Leger's Grocery – U.S. Highway 167, Turkey Creek - Featuring smoked meats, including sausage, and boudin. Foods
  • Mel's Grocery and Meat Market – Louisiana Highway 13, Reddell - Featuring country style meat, including sausage, boudin, tasso, and homemade bacon.
  • Bon Appétit – Chataignier Home of the “Cajun Snowball.”
  • The Crawfish Barn – 1789 Mayeauxville Street, Vidrine
  • Gator's Pizza – U.S. Highway 167, North, Turkey Creek
  • Tom's Fried Chicken – U.S. Highway 167, North,Turkey Creek

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