Freddie Pate's Jamboree

Take a trip back to a time when country was COUNTRY! Join Freddie Pate and Miss Purty Pearl aka Cindy Pate, on the third Saturday of every month, at The Historic Rice Theatre in Crowley, for Freddie Pate's Country Music Jamboree.

It's Gand Ole Opry style entertainment right here in Crowley, La. Freddie and his talented bunch of musicians The Jamboree Band, take you back to days of old time country entertainment.

Freddie mingles with the audience and signs autographs during intermission and after the show.

The Jamboree Band includes Freddie Pate, Richard Comeaux, MItch Simon, Charles Ventre, Gerald Melacon, Steve Grisaffe, Len Springer, Judy Ann Landry, Butch Tinker, Ronie Collins and last but not least Miss Purty Pearl, The pride and joy of Flatwoods, La. You'll be amazed that this much talent can fit on one stage.

Ya'll Come!